Top 5 Best Walking Foot Sewing Machines to Buy [2019- Updated]

best walking foot sewing machineAre you a newbie or professional in the textile industry and want to improve your work?

If yes, there is no better place to get in-depth details on how that can be possible.

Whether you want to sew clothes for yourself, family or clients, the quality should always be upbeat because people appreciate good things.

After all, to improve your proficiency in textile design, you need to upgrade the machines you use for better results.

Some machines are proven to produce the best results in different areas, and this article seeks to dissect all that information for you to make your time worthwhile.

Quality and proven machines are the most valuable no matter the price they incur. The desire to produce the best should be coined within the values of hard work, but some things assist you to reach those goals more comfortably. If you appreciate your work, you need to invest in the best machines for the best results.
Mary A. Cody (Sewing Specially Writer)Mary A. Cody (Sewing Specially Writer)

Importance of Walking Foot Machines

  • Ease your work: The walking machine make your sewing work easier as compared to other machines because of their designs.
  • Improve the quality of work: The walking machines are mostly specialized with the requirements of the industry to produce the best textile products.
  • Speed: The speed of the walking machines is exceptional and allows you to push numerous orders.

What to look for when buying a Walking Machine

  • Price: As much as you need to consider your budget, the price should match the quality.
  • Budget: The amount of money at your disposal is one of the main determinants of the machine you will acquire.
  • Durability: You need to look for a walking machine that will serve you for many years without getting spoilt to get the value for money. Of the walking machine versus the value, it offers should be at play because the machine should be worth its price.
  • Specifications: Even though you have the money to buy every machine, not all machines are suitable for you. There should be a specific feature you should look for depending on the tasks you want to carry out with the machine.

Comparison Chart: Walking Foot Sewing Machines

ImageNameOur RatingPrice
REX 607Z View On Amazon
Reliable Barracuda 200ZW View On Amazon
JUKI DNU-1541S View On Amazon
TechSew 2700 View On Amazon
Rebuilt Leather Walking Foot View On Amazon

REX 607Z Portable Walking-foot / Zigzag with LED LIGHT

Rex RX607 is a sewing machine cased in an all-metal casing offering toughness and consistent quality.

The compact sewing machine offers solidness and power with its 110-volt engine.

Notwithstanding the incredible engine, the Rex RX607 additionally utilizes a skip join innovation and can sew up to 1,200 lines for each moment making sewing ventures simple to finish.

With a greatest fasten length of 6 mm and a needle bar stroke of 30 mm, this machine enables clients to change their sewing dependent on their coveted line length.

This Rex sewing machine has claimed to fame highlights like an implicit foot control and an integrated engine to give clients a snappy and proficient sewing knowledge.

It’s Specialty

This convenient sewing machine is a perfect decision for sewers of all aptitude levels.

This machine is sufficiently incredible to deal with four layers of delicate calfskin, canvas, vinyl or upholstery textures.

Extraordinary for work on footwear, cowhide packs, satchels, other calfskin articles, canvas articles, for example, sails (on pontoons), flags, overhangs, and other substantial textures where a crisscross line is required, for example, on rucksacks, draperies, and in upholstery (seats or lounge chairs).

The strolling foot makes sewing your calfskin extends a breeze.

Product Specifications

It can manage a wide assortment of textures including calfskin and pants. It is shockingly rapid and figures out how to deliver exceptional outcomes paying little mind to the texture.

The best characteristic of the machine must be its convenience. Not at all like the greater part of the business sewing machines, it is lightweight giving it an additional edge for the home clients also.

It is a powerful sewing machine with a substantial metal edge that can play out any sewing undertakings tossed at it.


  • The Machine is heavy duty meaning it can handle heavy duty sewing
  • The price of the REX 607Z is affordable to many sewers
  • Its durability makes the machine dependable


  • The machine has a small hand wheel that makes it difficult to use
  • The machine is not ready for use once you by it because it needs additional fixups

Are you a beginner who needs to learn and experiment many twists and turns in the sewing industry, or are you interested in sewing many types of designs?

If that is so, you need to secure the REX 607Z for yourself.

The REX 607Z is an ideal machine for most of your sewing tasks. Buy one today at a fair price and enjoy its value.

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Reliable Barracuda 200ZW Zig-Zag Sewing Machine

The Barracuda crisscross and straight join compact strolling foot machine are astoundingly flexible.

Intended for pontoon proprietors, specialists, and private ventures, the Barracuda is perfect for medium-to substantial weight sewing occupations.

You may be shocked astonishment when you discover what this minimal measured machine can convey.

It is an especially all around developed machine worked for the rock solid work.

It is solid and amazing, as well as it can modify itself relying upon the undertaking tossed at it.

It’s Specialty

Its adaptability can’t be contrasted with some other models on this rundown.

It very well may be utilized adequately via needle workers of all ability levels.

Ideal from an apprentice to somebody who is very gifted, this sewing machine is adept for clients of different types.

Product Specifications

Hard Build
It is a remarkably very much developed machine worked for the hardcore work making it durable for a long duration of use.

It is reliable and amazing, as well as it can modify itself relying upon the undertaking tossed at it.

Even though it’s anything but a mechanical sewing machine, the joining quality and the power created by its engine can be contrasted with that of a modern sewing machine.

Quality Assurance
It is trusted that every one of the machines is tried with 10-point quality check before it is given to the market available to be purchased.


  • Greatest sewing velocity of 800SPM.
  • Simple to utilize.
  • Greatest presser foot lift of 12mm.
  • Movable fasten length with a range restricted to 0-6mm.
  • Three-year guarantee.
  • It is convenient to use


  • Solid 2000U-33 Barracuda can’t take a shot at new review ventures.

Are you a sewer who deals with many types of designs?

Do you have a clientele that loves quality work on their clothes?

The Reliable Barracuda 200ZW will sort you out like a chiropractor.

At many instances where professional sewers need to do multiple works, it is not easy to find a machine that is so versatile to work correctly on a kind of textile.

In my opinion, the legendary Baracuda is the king when it comes to versatility.

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JUKI DNU-1541S Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine

The Juki DNU-1541S is a single needle, straight fasten, strolling foot modern sewing machine.

It has the additional element of a wellbeing grasp component that will consequently draw in if there ought to be a sewing issue (string in the snare, and so on.) to avoid harm to the machine.

Are you a professional sewer who deals with a large bulk of clothes you have to deal with on a daily basis?

Are you bored of a machine that does not seem to work as fast as you want?

JUKI DNU-1541S is the machine that will meet all your speedy desires.

It’s Specialty

This machine is ideal for sewing substantial weight textures.

With strolling foot innovation, rectangular feed, and a higher needle stroke, denser materials, for example, cowhide can be sewn easily.

Product Specifications

High Speeds
The machine conveys expanded efficiency at sewing speeds as high as 2,500- 3,000 Stitches for each Minute.

Automatic Reverse Feed
With only a light push on the one-contact type turn around feed catch, invert feed sewing is impelled. Moreover, if a suspended ruler is connected on the machine or a 3-dimensional sewing item is sewn, the trap can be moved upward to forestall interference.

Adjustable Height
The height of the machine can be changed to fit what is comfortable for you at different times.

Heavy Duty
The build of the machine is heavy duty steel which makes the machine highly durable.

Caster Wheels
The machine has installed wheels to ease movement and the portability of the machine.


  • Greatest sewing velocity of 2500SPM.
  • Movable climbing gadget.
  • Simple to utilize.
  • Greatest presser foot lift of 16mm.
  • Needle bar stroke of 36mm.
  • Movable line length with a range restricted to 0-9mm.


  • Huge bobbin.
  • Grasp creates some commotion.

In my opinion, the JUKI DNU-1541S ranks highly in the table of the best because there is no other machine like this when it comes to its speed.

This machine is suitable for those reserved professional sewers who want to scale up their production to meet high orders.

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TechSew 2700 Leather Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

Are you short of resources but still want the production to scale up?

Do you have many workers who work in shifts but do not have a machine that can handle a beating all around the clock?

Look no further because TechSew 2700 is your bae. It will work relentlessly for many hours without an issue.

The Techsew 2700 is intended for sewing light to medium weight calfskin merchandise, overwhelming textures, manufactured materials, and the sky is the limit from there.

Including an incredible strolling foot bolstering system, 10.5″ barrel bed, a simple access drop-in bobbin and the 1HP variable speed SmartServo engine, 2700 is proficiently built to give long stretches of tried and true execution and is an extraordinary decision for tenderfoots, specialists or expert sewing machine administrators.

It’s Specialty

Proficient needle workers love the simplicity of which the machine can be utilized to its full impacts.

It can play out a wide range of assignments that even incorporate managing the lightweight textures alongside the hardest ones also.

It gives you a choice to pick the engine as per your sewing inclinations.

In this way, an intensive investigation of things to come ventures and the engine expected to finish them may demonstrate supportively.

Product Specifications

High Speed
It is intended to sew at higher speeds through different layers of textures with no break. It is one of the quickly paced sewing machines that will give you an expert outcome each time you join a venture.

It can play out a wide range of assignments that even incorporate managing the lightweight textures
alongside the most difficult ones too.

Robust Material
It is hearty, amazing, robust, and made to last, much the same as a business review machine should be.


  • The machine is an incredible item at the cost at which it is advertised.
  • It is extremely quick with regards to its sewing speeds.
  • It is a decent machine for experts


  • It is intended for the expert sewers as it were.
  • Fledglings would take a considerable measure of endeavors and persistence to utilize the machine productively.

I think the TechSew 2700 is best suited for investors with small companies and few resources and want to work with what they have for many hours till they can accumulate enough to buy specialized machines.

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Rebuilt Leather Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

The Highlead 0318 highlights the best feed strolling foot and base feed framework, with a rotating foot lift instrument that is appropriate to sew medium and medium-substantial weight materials.

For example, horse floor coverings cowhide, synthetics, canvas, plastics, webbing, upholstery, canvas + heavier than normal standard textures.

The decent sewing machine head has programmed oil to lessen wear and tear, bringing about enhanced solidness, bring down clamor levels, smoother running and insignificant upkeep costs.

The fitting of an expansive snare as standard diminishes the number of bobbin changes and permits the utilization of thicker strings up to estimate 20 related with heavier materials.

Product Specifications

It includes the best feed strolling foot and base feed framework, with a rotating foot lift system that is appropriate to sew medium and medium-overwhelming weight materials, for example, cowhide, synthetics, canvas, plastics, webbing, upholstery, covering + heavier than typical standard textures.

The fair sewing machine head profits by programmed grease to diminish wear and tear, bringing about enhanced strength, bring down commotion levels, smoother running and insignificant support costs.

The fitting of an expansive snare and base as standard lessens the number of bobbin changes and helps when utilizing the thicker strings related with heavier than typical materials. A tremendous fasten length is accessible up to 8mm.

The substantial best strolling foot instrument joined with standard base feed; delivers a positive feed activity and permits genuine notwithstanding sewing.


  • This machine is versatile
  • It is portable and convenient to use in many areas
  • The machine is very well priced
  • It saves significant costs for the user


  • The machine is not very popular, and its spares are rare to find in case it breaks down.
  • It is not very good at speeds as compared to other machines
  • It is not mostly applicable to high industrial grade jobs

Are you interested in saving up a lot when it comes to buying a walking machine but still have an excellent machine? The Highlead 0318 will save you a chunk of money and offer you outstanding services.

The Highlead 0318 is a budget machine, and I would recommend it to sewers who are enthusiastic about sewing but do not have enough resources to buy a versatile machine that can quench their desire at an instant.

I would recommend it to sewing lovers no matter their specialty or proficiency.

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Final Verdict: Best Walking Foot Machine

Every machine in this list is right in one task or the other making all these machines deserve the best position.

However, depending on the task of sewing that you specialize on, you need to pick the machine that works best in that area.

Once you select any of these machines, you are assured of quality.

Buying Guide: When Buying a Walking Foot Machine

Something you have to acknowledge at beginning periods is that you should be sure about what sort of machine you’re searching. Something else, the decisions are excessively overpowering, and you’ll wind up purchasing a toaster. These were the things that you have to contemplate before buying a walking foot machine.

1 . Zig-Zag Stitch
A few machines directly do straight fasten. In any case, in case you’re contemplating sail-making or sail fix sooner or later, at that point crisscross is a critical component. Also, it’s helpful to shield particular sorts of texture from fraying.

2 . Industrial Machine
You require a machine that can sew through various layers of firm texture with the goal that you can handle whole canvas work. You can complete a considerable measure of watercraft extends on a home sewing machine (and they’re much less expensive), yet they can’t generally handle the sort of sewing ventures that the mechanical devices can handle.

3 . Walking Foot
The presser foot works with a feed hound underneath to pull material through the machine. When you’re working with different layers of texture, particularly substantial materials, on the off chance that you don’t have a walking foot, the base layers can slip. And afterward, your sewing looks loathsome and in your dissatisfaction, you wind up eating much such a large number of chocolate chip treats.

4 . Portability
There are other modern machines out there, yet they’re substantial, and some have engines which connect under the table. When they’re set up, they’re not by any stretch of the imagination intended to be moved about effectively. Now and again you may require a machine that is compact which you can bring out when you required it on outside activities and returned it when you are finished.

5. The Projects the Machine will be utilized for
A sewing machine must be fit for a reason. There is no point purchasing a shoddy, lightweight sewing machine, to sew your new hardcore blinds. It just won’t occur, and you will wind up getting baffled and irritated. Amateur or expert, it is essential to purchase a sewing machine with the highlights you require. Continuously think about how thick the thickest bit of texture you will ever use with the machine. On the off chance that you are quick to begin on undertakings utilizing surfaces, for example, denim, overwhelming cotton twill, or whatever else with a reasonable weight; at that point the sturdier the machine, the better.

6. Your Budget
The cost of a sewing machine fluctuates fundamentally. You should think about your financial plan before beginning your hunt. If you have a restricted spending plan, it probably won’t be conceivable to manage the cost of the top of the line machines. All in all, there are two fundamental valuing methodologies:
Machines for light to medium weight work and texture cost between £200 – £350. You likewise need to think about what number of other highlights you may need.
Machines for medium to substantial weight work and texture can cost between £350 – £5,000. Once more, this relies upon additional highlights.

7. The best sewing machine for a beginner
On the off chance that you are new to the sewing diversion, welcome! Taking up sewing is an excellent method to express inventiveness. From making your garments and home-ware to making carefully assembled endowments, there is such a significant amount of enthusiasm to be had in sewing. Learners will, for the most part, require a machine with a basic scope of a join. Consider what you need to sew. Regardless of whether it is merely major undertakings, despite everything you require a decent machine. It should be stable enough to adapt to different weights of texture. The machine will likewise need every one of the capacities and highlights for your various tasks.

8. The Frequency the Machine will be utilized
This is a critical consideration. If you are merely getting into sewing, you may utilize your machine as often as possible. As you get more experienced, you could upgrade your machine progressively to a more specialized machine. In this manner, it is essential to consider how regularly you will utilize the machine for the present, and for what’s to come. Be extremely legitimate with yourself. On the off chance that you are somebody who may get the machine out once in a while; to retouch garments, do some sewing, or a dash of weaving, at that point there is no point putting resources into an endlessly expensive machine. If you have turned out to be dependent on sewing which happens effectively, you realize you will utilize it regularly. Picking a machine that is tough, with a metal edge inside will be perfect for you, and certainly justified regardless of the speculation. Purchasing as well can be expected to bear the cost of is the best methodology.

9. The Stitches you need
There are machines accessible with as few as ten join choices, and upwards of 300 fasten alternatives. To be a decent or even an incredible sewer, you remarkably need a crisscross join and a straight fasten. These come in different plans, styles, widths, and lengths. At the point when a machine accompanies many join alternatives, including different shapes, layouts, styles, widths, and measures, they may look incredible, yet ask yourself; would you say you are immensely going to utilize them? Indeed, even master sewers once in a while float away from the confided in straight or crisscross join.