Singer vs. Brother Sewing Machine – Which Should You Choose in 2019

Everybody will agree when we say that Singer and Brother sewing machines are the leading brands in the world. If you were looking for the best, you must choose between the two.

Why should I choose between Singer and Brother over all other brands on the market? Singer and Brother are the top-notch products in the industry today. These machines are easy to use and they have the greatest support channels.

These are the most popular. They have earned a great reputation over the years. Machine accessories are readily available, and very easy to repair. Most importantly, they are available in similar price points and can suit sewists need.

Honestly, I will say, choosing between Singer and Brother sewing machines are not easy. These are very similar products and they do almost the same thing.

You can handle them in the same way. These are perfect brands, and in making a choice, you have to consider a few things that can guide you.

First, should I need to repair these machines, which one do I get the technician easily? They are familiar sewing machines; your final choice will boil down to your brand preferences and brand qualities.

Why would you choose Brother or Singer?

Singer and Brother are the best because they incorporate high technology in their sewing machines. When it comes to models, they produce almost the same version of the same model. This is good for the industry, because it keeps the price low and affordable.

These brands are the best sellers, and they offer comparable sewing machines right from beginner’s machines to the most advanced. Even if you are looking for the best embroider designs, they have it available.

Both companies do well in providing perfect customer service. If you have any issue with their products, you can get assistance easily. They offer YouTube video channels, and you can reach them through social media channels.

They introduce superior quality machines, which you can use for any kind of sewing projects. These machines are perfect, you can find one suitable for your level and skill.

Brother Vs Singer

Brother and singer are the most popular brands, and they have models that fit every sewing needs. These brands have various entry and advanced sewing features. Their products are affordable and durable.

They incorporate superior technology in their design processes. Singer has been successful with home sewing machines, and they have been in existence for more than one hundred and fifty years.

The same thing is applicable to Brother, which has existed for more than one hundred years.

They introduce almost the same kind of models on the market with slight differences, thus providing a wide range of choices for users.

  1. Quality

The two companies are famous for producing superior quality sewing machines. These machines are durable as they are produced from the finest raw materials available in the industry.

Because of the superior quality production, there are no significant price differences between them. There could be differences when it comes to various models.

Two things common to these companies are that their machines are versatile. They are of superior quality products. Hardly any other brand surpasses the two.

It is not surprising that they are in high demand across the country and this testifies to their quality.

2. Sewing speed

Performance of any sewing machine is determined by the motor and sewing speed.

There are similarities and differences between these two brands when it comes to sewing speed and that depends on the model you want to compare. Brother machines are famous for their sewing speed, and this is because they often use the powerful motor.

If you compare models like Brother HC1850 VS Singer 7258, you can see the slight differences between them in terms of sewing speed. Brother is ahead in terms of sewing speed.

While Brother product can deliver 850 stitches per minute, Singer counterpart could deliver 750. You can hardly notice these slight differences.

3. Power

Machine sewing power is determined by the motor capacity. There are differences between these two major brands.

You can understand the differences between these brands when you compare similar products. Comparing Brother SE400 vs Singer 9960, you discover that Singer 9960 is more powerful and this is because it uses a superior capacity motor.

It can deliver up to 850 stitches in a minute compared to Brother’s 710 stitches in a minute.

4. Type of sewing machine

It is easier to compare these two brands because they have almost the same models and designs on the market. They have at least three different types of machines and they include the mechanical machine.

As the name suggests, it is controlled by the knob and wheel. The second type includes electronic. This has additional features and controlled through a button.

The third type is the computerized machines. Apart from that, these companies produce industrial sewing machines, which are different from the personal models identified above.

5. Design

These two companies have the same type of models on the market. Because of that, it is easy to compare one design from Brother and another from Singer.

Due to the similarity in design, you can perform the same task. The designs of these machines are not exactly the same.

There are slight differences, which could be in the arm or needle design. They do the same kind of tasks.

6. Versatility

Versatility is the key point that separates Brother and Singer products from other models out there. You can use the machines to sew professional quality fabrics.

These machines are innovative and easy to use. They can perform any kind of sewing tasks. There are similarities in terms of what they can do.

Differences between the two brands depend on the models you compare. They can perform the same tasks; efficiency and performance make the difference between the two.

So How Do I Decide?

These are superior quality brands. They share almost the same features.

In making my choice, two factors are very important. First is personal preferences. You must have a preference between the two powerful brands.

Secondly, consider the ease of repair. If you need to repair, how easy are you going to find a technician, and how easy can you access the machine parts?

Other than these, you can always get the same quality service from these two leading great brands.

Is one machine better than the other is? This is a difficult question to answer, because it is like asking whether Fanta is better than coke. They have a lot in common. It is a question of brand and personal preferences.

Heavy Duty Brother vs. Singer

Brother and Singer introduced different models of heavy-duty sewing machines. Brother heavy-duty machine is tough, strong, and highly durable.

They have different models, this can handle large volumes, and it works with precision. Some of the best heavy-duty sewing machines from Brother include the following Brother ST531HD, Brother PQ1500SL and several others.

These machines can boast of superior quality features, and you see some of them in this review.

Just like Brother, Singer counterpart has various models. These have best quality features making it possible to produce the best elegant garments.

These machines are not only versatile; they are dependable, and durable. As heavy-duty machines, they can handle different fabric weight and thickness.

You can get the best heavy-duty machines from both Brother and Singer. Most of them are high speed machines, and because of that, they can deliver garments fast.


Singer 4452

Singer is famous for producing high-end machines. One of the most trusted heavy-duty machines is the Singer 4452. It features a strong metal frame.

The machine uses a powerful motor that enhances the sewing speed. It is highly durable because of the strong metal frame; this makes it durable and can last for a long time. In addition to that, it features one-step buttonhole.

This ensures consistent result. The model can hardly disappoint you. Most importantly, it features heavy-duty accessories, and it is perfect for heavy fabrics.

It is certain from the features that this model is for heavy-duty users. Adjustable presser foot pressure ensures you can sew other materials that are not heavy duty such as lightweight sheers. It is easy to use courtesy of the steel bedplate.

This machine is highly efficient and when you use it, you will always get a consistent result.

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Singer 4432

Singer Heavy Duty 4432 This model is another heavy-duty sewing machine from Singer. It features a durable metal frame, as well as a strong motor. The motor is very powerful.

Its powerful motor makes extra speed sewing possible. One important feature, which is consistent with most of the heavy-duty products from the company, is the one-step buttonhole.

Even if you were a learner, the machine has SINGER sewing Assistant App; this can assist you in learning sewing, and how best to use the machine.

It features all the important accessories such as zipper foot, general purpose foot quilting guide, buttonhole foot, as well as auxiliary spool pin and so on.

You will not find it hard to use the machine. Watch the instructional videos; this can assist you in learning the basic features of the machine.

You can perform such tasks like buttonhole after watching the video. Apart from the video, there is also the SINGER sewing assistant app. You can handle different aspects of the machine with this important tool.

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Brother ST531HD Strong

Brother ST531HD StrongBrother is not left behind when it comes to heavy-duty machines. An exemplary product from the company is Brother ST531HD.

This is perhaps the toughest and the most durable sewing machine. It can handle different weight of fabrics ranging from the lightweight to six denim layers.

Sturdily constructed, this machine features a strong metal frame, as well as metal needle plate.

This makes for fabric feeding. In addition to that, it uses heavy-duty needles; because of this, you can handle thicker fabric.

The model equally uses thicker finger guard.

Other great features of this machine include the following:

  • Blind hem
  • 53 built in stitches
  • Decorative and overcasting stitches

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the one stop buttonhole, which is not only auto sized, but also convenient to use.

When you order the product, you will get all the necessary accessories such as zigzag foot, automatic button, as well as buttonhole and so on. The machine can handle all kinds of fabrics starting from silk to the most difficult denim.

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Brother Quilting and Sewing Machine, PQ1500SL

This model is another heavy-duty machine. It is better than several other machines because of the high speed. It is such powerful that it delivers up to 1500 stitches in just one minute.

The model has other fantastic features that set it apart from similar products elsewhere such as the adjustable pin feed.

To achieve maximum efficiency, it offers four settings. Because of this, you can easily control any kind of fabric.

Most importantly, it is comfortable to use because of the bed extension table, knee lifter, and different levels of pressure adjustment for foot relief.

Moreover, it features an automatic thread cutter as well as quick needle threader. All these are there to save your precious time. The large extension table ensures that you use the machine at the most convenient place.

It is a question of taking the cable to an electric source. This heavy-duty machine can serve all your sewing purposes.

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Brother SE400 Vs Singer 9960

If you want to know the best between these two most popular brands on the market, you can compare some of their products. Brother SE400 and Singer 9960 are good popular models from these leading brands.

These two machines rank high on the market for two factors.

First is that these two machines are versatile. This means that you can use them for different kind of fabrics and under different conditions.

Secondly, these are superior quality machines. If you are looking for the best performing and quality machines, these are probably the best.

They dominate the US market and this clear sign they are the leading brands.

Though these models rank high, one should have an edge. If you want to know the brand that offers you the best value for your dollar, then you have to look at the features.


Let us start at the basic function features Singer 400 is meant for embroidery and sewing. If you were planning to invest on two separate machines for the two purposes, this product can just save you substantial amount of money.

It features 67 inbuilt sewing stitches such as decorative stiches, herloom stitches, quilting, as well as utility stitches and so on. Moreover, it features 70 inbuilt embroidery designs, 120 pattern combinations, and five embroidery fonts.

These are necessary for the embroidery work. This feature combination is unique and you can hardly see any other model out there that has such a beautiful combination.

In the same way, Singer 9960 has useful embroidery features, as well as unique sewing features. The model has about 600 inbuilt sewing stitches as well as 13 one-step buttonholes and 5 fonts monogramming feature.

If you want to engage on decorative stitches, this model can be a great option for you.

Comparing the two heavy duty machines

USB connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, Brother SE400 has an edge here because it features USB port for easy connectivity. Because of that, it is easy for you to download sufficient quantities of embroidery designs. You can download it from

Motor speed

If you want to use two machines for regular sewing, Singer 9960 has an edge because it has a very powerful motor. Because of that, it is more convenient for those who that uses thicker fabric. Switching capacity is 850 stitches in a minute, as against SE400 710 stitches in a minute.

Sewing light

If you want to use the machine in the night, 9960 has an edge as it features two LEDs while its counterpart has just one.

When it comes to weight, SE400 is lighter than the 9960 counterpart is.

If you compare the two, you will see that there is no absolute winner when it comes to performance. If you are more interested in the embroidery features, then you can opt for SE400 it has the advantage, but if you want sewing features, 9960 has plenty of them. Many people will say that SE400 is the leader because of the internet connectivity.

Singer 7258 vs brother cs6000i

These two companies have introduced the best sewing machines in the market. Two great products from these companies, which are often compared, include Singer 7258 vs Brother CS 6000i

Singer 7258 has all the important features, especially those you need for your regular sewing. These are two great products and they are highly affordable.

Just like Singer counterpart, CS6000i is filled with great features, which are god for beginners and advanced users.

The machine is lightweight and portable. It is easy to maneuver and if you want to handle bigger project it features detachable and oversized table, which you can always use for such a project.

If you were a beginner, Brother CS6000i is the best choice because of the interactive features. Most of these features are equally automotive.

One of the difficult challenges beginners encounter with this kind of machine is the threading system confusion. This problem is solved when they use Brother CS6000i.

Another interesting feature good for beginner sewists include the automatic needle threading method. In the same way, Easy bobbin winding, which is another feature that endures the machine to the heart of beginners.

Singer model on its part has been in the market for a long time. This model features 100 built-in stitches. Because of its great features, many beginners and intermediate sewists find it easy with this product.

Some of the beginner friendly features here include the ease of use. Another interesting feature is the automatic needle threader.

With these great features, beginners can easily handle the machine. In the same way 7 styles of one-step automatic buttonholes facilitate their learning ability.

Most importantly, the free arm feature of this machine is good for sleeves and cuffs. It is easier for learners to control the speed.

Comparing the two sewing machines

These two products are good in their own and there are slight differences that set them apart. It appears that they have more similarities than differences.


One of the key features users consider when they are making their choice is the issue of weight. It appears that Brother CS6000i has an edge here.

The model weighs 13 pounds as against 15 of its competitor. This makes it lighter and more portable.

In the same way, when it comes to dimensions it seems that CS6000i has larger dimension 16×6.7×11.4 compared to Singers 14.5×7.5×12 inches. It is certain that Brother is superior in this aspect.

When it comes to stitch building, Singer 7358 has 100 built-in stitches and this is more than CS6000i, which has 60 built-in stitches.

However, when it comes to efficiency and speed, Brother CS 6000i more is more efficient as it can deliver 850 stitches in a minute. It has an edge in this aspect.

These two machines have different things in common such as maximum stitches of seven; however, the singer has six, which is a minus when the two machines are compared.

It is not difficult to spot the areas of differences. When it comes to the built-in stitches, you discover that Singer product is far ahead of Brother with its 100 built-in stitches as against Brother’s 60.

However, when it comes to stitching speed, it is certain that Brothers product has an edge with 850 stitches in a minute as against Singer’s 750 stitches in one minute.

Which one is the best?

It depends on your purpose. These machines are great in their different ways. You can see that Singer 7258 can boast of 100 built-in stitching features as against Brother CS6000i’s 60.

You can see that singer has an edge here. If you want to engage in decoration, Singer is the best for you. If you consider speed, Brother Product has an edge. Many people will choose Singer 7258 as the best.

Brother xr9500prw vs singer 4423

Brother XR9500PRW is one of the most innovative sewing machines from the company. It has advanced features and this is good for the users.

Because of the great features, it is good for all categories of users. This machine is simple and easy to operate. It features a user manual, which simplified the whole process for you.

You can use it to create any kind of design you want.

This machine can boast of 140 stitching functions, as well as 100 built-in stitches. If you are into cloth decoration, this machine has plenty options for you.

Perhaps, the greatest attribute of this product is the sewing speed. Just like most other products from the company, it offers the maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches in a minute.

Furthermore, it is lightweight and this makes it portable. The machine displays in LCD, and you can easily read what you are doing. It has an automatic thread cutter.

Because of the size, it can handle different fabric sizes. This model is recommended for different categories of users.

Singer 4423 sewing machine on the other hands is another heavy-duty machine. It is durable as it is designed with heavy-duty metal frame.

This makes it strong to handle different workloads with ease. In the same way, its bedplate is designed with quality stainless steel materials.

In terms of sewing speed, it is extra high. This is possible for the machine motor.

Singer 4423 is a reliable machine and it can sew anything you throw at it. Because of the efficiency and speed, you can start a project right from the scratch to the end.

The machine is one hundred percent automatic. It can boast of 1100 stitches in just a minute. The product is perfect and it can always deliver wonderful result when you use it.

Comparing the two products

You can see from the features that these are great products. They have different things in common such as the automatic one-step buttonhole.

If you want to engage in decorative sewing, you can opt for the singer products because of the number of stitches you can do with it in one minute. The number far surpasses what you get from the Brother counterpart.

Which one is the best?

In addition, it is more powerful than the Brother counterpart is, the two products are not difficult to use. The motor is at least sixty percent stronger than similar products out there.

You can design different kinds of fabrics with the machine. It is equipped with four presser feet and this can do many things for you. These are two great products and you can see that they are both heavy-duty machines, this is because they sew almost anything that you throw at them.

However, when it comes to performance and efficiency, it is obvious that Singer product has an edge over the Brother counterpart. Singer is the clear winner here.

Final Verdict: Singer or Brother sewing machine

You can see from the reviews above that Singer and Brother Sewing Machines are the leading brands in the market today.

It will be difficult to determine which of the brands is the best. There are various designs and models. Some brands of Brothers are superior to Singer products, just as some Singer models have an edge over that of Brother.

The two leading companies have been in that business for decades. They understand the market very well, and that is why they always come out with the best and the most wonderful products.